In which I actually manage to update my blog...

Since my last update, I've moved back to school and started classes -- for this January session, I'm taking Racquetball and History of the Holocaust. I'm liking them both well enough, but racquetball is making my right shoulder hurt a lot. I've also been knitting (huzzah!).

I finished the fingerless gloves I was making for my roommate... she hasn't taken them off in my presence long enough for me to take a picture of both of them finished, but here's one of them, modeled by my sister. I've also finished and felted the long-promised slippers I was working on for my partner... some weirdness ensued, but they're much loved anyways. A photo:
booties fo

As far as WIPs are concerned, I have two main ones on the needles at the moment. I'm slowly but surely making progress on the Robomitts... I've knit the cuff and am partway through the first repeat... if you look closely, you can see little robot legs. :-D
robomitts wip

I also rediscovered a partially-knit sock using some Regia in one of the Kaffe Fassett colorways (Landscape Fog) yesterday and decided to take it to my Holocaust class today -- in about two hours, I got the leg finished (at the beginning of class, I was mostly done with the broad blue stripe). Now I'm trying to decide which heel to use -- I'm thinking either garter short row or fleegle. I'd rather not do a flap construction, though. Not a huge fan of picking up stitches.
kaffe sock

As far as future knitting projects are concerned, my next projects are going to be a swatch hat for my upcoming Owls (Rav link) sweater and a Daybreak scarf in some KnitPicks sock yarn and Noro Kureyon sock, as depicted below:
daybreak yarn

Well, I'd say that's all for now, especially because I'm hungry and the pizza won't be here for, like, 40 minutes.


  1. I LOVE the landscape fog colors on that sock. I'd wear a pair of fingerless gloves in that color.

    - Dani


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